MIDTOWN, Manhattan (PIX11) — It’s a new take on a classic story. The Broadway revival of “A Doll’s House” opened at the Hudson Theater Thursday night. It stars Hollywood A-lister Jessica Chastain. 

Chastain said she feels a bond with the audience while she’s on stage.

“I try to look at every single person in their eyes before the show starts and connect to them,” said Chastain. 

Written by Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen, the play first premiered in 1879. The story centers around Nora Helmer, played by Chastain, a woman married with three children but leading an unhappy existence. She struggles with her decision to leave her family.

Tasha Lawrence portrays the Helmer family’s nanny, Anne-Marie.

“That’s the amazing thing about this play. It stands up to time. The story is many women’s stories,” said Lawrence. 

Michael Patrick Thornton plays Dr. Rank. 

“The great plays, the classics, they’re classics because they deal with universal themes,” said Thornton. 

A Doll’s House is one of the most performed plays ever. The story premiered in the late 1800s to a wave of scandal with its plot about a woman abandoning her husband and children. The new production is directed by Jamie Lloyd, who tells us the themes still ring true.

The drama explores how society views women in a traditional role and how the central character Nora seeks to break free from that.

It’s a return to the stage for Oscar-winner Chastain – an outspoken champion of women’s rights. 

“In our society, how are (women) valued, how do they gain power in a system that doesn’t afford them that, and I think that makes it very exciting and modern,” said Chastain. 

A Doll’s House is at the Hudson Theater. The run has already been extended to June 10.