MANHATTAN (PIX11) — A pink pigeon rescued in Manhattan has been undergoing extensive treatment, Wild Bird Fund Director Rita McMahon said Thursday. 

Flamingo, who was brought in on Monday night, was completely dipped in dye, McMahon said. Many believe Flamingo was dyed pink for a gender reveal, however, the motive remains unclear. The dye has “basically destroyed” the pigeon’s feathers, according to the rescue group

“We don’t think it’s even gotten to fly on its own and it won’t be able to fly for a while because the feathers have gotten so damaged by the dye,” McMahon said. “The pink color also makes this little baby all the more susceptible to predators.”

Flamingo was vomiting for the first day after being rescued, likely from chemicals in the dye, McMahon said. The dye also has a very strong smell, which could cause respiratory problems for Flamingo.

“This bird was really unstable, it was in crisis,” she said.

In the days since Flamingo’s rescue, the Wild Bird Fund has provided heat, oxygen and subcutaneous fluids, McMahon said. Flamingo has also gotten medicine to counteract toxins in the dye. Pigeons preen for about 30 percent of their waking hours, so rescuers are worried Flamingo could ingest more toxins. 

“If we can make sure he doesn’t get too poisoned by whatever chemical was in the dye, he should have a good prognosis,” McMahon said.

The Wild Bird Fund is urging people to never dye birds or release domestic birds in the wild. 

“They have no survival instincts and will starve or be preyed on. Dove releases in all forms are cruel,” the organization tweeted. “Please celebrate your life events peacefully without harming others.”