NEW YORK (PIX11) — One man described it as the “gruesomest” thing he’s ever seen: A Manhattan taxi jumping the curb and pinning pedestrians against a building.

But during the chaos, heroic New Yorkers stepped in to help. Good Samaritans jumped in to attempt to lift the yellow cab off of the two female tourists. Others helped get medical supplies and calm down the surrounding crowd.

“It was shocking and traumatizing,” one New Yorker who rushed to help told PIX11 News.

The cab driver was making a left turn and collided with a bicyclist near Broadway and West 29th Street around 1 p.m., authorities said. The taxi appeared to slow down, then continued to veer left and mounted the sidewalk. Based on video, it appeared the cab then sped up, striking two women and pressing them against the side of a building.

More than a dozen people jumped in to try and lift the taxi off of the injured women, police said.

“A remarkable scene took place,” Deputy Chief John Chell said, describing the rescue effort Monday.

Mayor Eric Adams also praised those who stepped in, saying it’s “what [New Yorkers] do best.”

“New Yorkers step up and assist as much as they can,” he said.