MANHATTAN, N.Y. (PIX11) — On Tuesday, PIX11 News pressed New York City Mayor Eric Adams about the more than half billion dollars in cuts the Department of Education faces through mid-next year. The largest chunk comes from the controversial elimination of up to 37,000 vacant 3K and PreK slots.

The mayor said his team has been working on this for a while. He describes the change as “rightsizing,” a program that was rapidly expanded using emergency pandemic dollars.

“We were paying for seats without the real outreach to place children in the seats,” Adams said.

Adams said the city would work with local council members to improve its outreach to parents seeking early childhood education.

“Every child who wants a seat, we will place them in a seat,” Adams promised.

Adams said he is just as upset at the school cuts as the cuts to the NYPD, Sanitation and social services– in part because Washington will not fund the multi-billion dollar migrant crisis.

“I know New Yorkers are angry when you hear about the efficiency cuts– New York, I want you to know I’m angry also,” Adams said.

The mayor’s team also promises to cut 20% of the money used to house and help migrants settle in the city.

However, the administration has been light on details, with no concrete pledges to close hotel shelters or make other substantial moves.