MANHATTAN (PIX11) — A pink pigeon showing signs of malnutrition may have been dyed for a gender reveal, according to a New York City wildlife rehabilitation center.

The Wild Bird Fund shared a picture of the pink pigeon on Twitter on Monday. The pigeon, who’s barely more than a fledgling, should be white, according to the organization.

“Pigeons come in many different colors, but pink isn’t one of them. This king pigeon was deliberately dyed and released,” the Wild Bird Fund tweeted. “As a domestic bird unable to find food in the wild, fly well or escape predators, this poor kid had it bad enough before being dyed.”

The pigeon was rescued in Madison Square Park. The Wild Bird Fund will try a few baths to wash out the pink color, but if that doesn’t work, the pigeon should eventually molt the dyed feathers.

The Wild Bird Fund issued a plea to people not to release domesticated birds in the wild.

“If you find an all-white pigeon (or any odd color), especially one looking scared and lost, it needs help,” Wild Bird Fund tweeted. “Please catch it and contact us or a pigeon rescue org near you.”