MANHATTAN (PIX11) — The area around Penn Station is always busy and protests have become part of that bustle.

Construction around the transit hub has been a sticking point for both residents and businesses in the area. The Empire Station Coalition organized a protest. Its members come from neighborhoods, residences and businesses in the area. People concerned about the role of real estate also have joined the group. 

They have been vocal opponents of the process and the proposal to allow office towers to be built. They want to see more service-oriented transit development.  

In July, the Public Authorities Control Board approved a financial framework for Gov. Kathy Hochul’s plans for redevelopment at the transit hub and in neighborhoods.  But they will have to review and approve further steps, which will require more details on the finances and transit plans. 

She announced some changes to the original plan and it now includes affordable housing, acres of open space, and smaller towers.  Supporters say the real estate development will pay for the transit improvements.