UPPER WEST SIDE, Manhattan (PIX11) — The American Museum of Natural History unveiled the Northwest Coast Hall, which showcases the creativity and cultural history of the Pacific Northwest.

Lauri Halderman is Vice President of exhibition at the museum. She told PIX11 News it was important to collaborate with consulting curators from ingenious communities to restore artifacts and bring the project to life.

Over 1,000 artifacts are on display, and each piece tells a unique story through the voices of indigenous groups. Relevant issues of today, including racism, are discussed.

The American Museum of Natural History has been around for over 150 years. According to museum officials, The Northwest Coast Hall was the first building of the institution. It was the first-of-its kind for cultural presentations. After undergoing a 5-year renovation, it’s now open to the public. The revamped exhibit features some of its originals along with new artifacts.

Original floors help to maintain the authenticity of the hall, while new touches were added, including never-before-seen artifacts. The new pieces include armor from natives in Alaska, as well artwork from young artists from various groups.