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LOWER EAST SIDE, Manhattan — If you find yourself on the brink of an emotional meltdown due to the ever-so looming election, you are not alone.

Before any of us hit this scary — yet inevitable — breaking point, there’s a place you can hide out to eat, drink and laugh while appreciating all things America.

It’s called ‘Merica NYC, the new Lower East Side restaurant billed as a patriotic haven that pokes fun at modern day culture and stateside current affairs.

“We’re just trying to bring a little levity and humor into the world,” Zack Neil, co-partner in the venture, told PIX11 News. “We want people to laugh and we want them to eat.”

Neil, the man behind the wildly popular Will Ferrell-themed bar on the Lower East Side, joined forces with Radouane Eljaouhari, a native of Morocco who ran his own Mediterranean restaurant in the neighborhood, to open the tongue-in-cheek eatery.

They’re opening it up amid a chaotic time in politics, which served as their inspiration.

“We think people are depressed and are sad about the state of the country and we’re going to make it fun again,” Neil said. “Make America eat again! You know that’s like our thing.”

For Eljaouhari, he hopes patrons have a good sense of humor about the theme.

“Being American, its not about what you look like, you know it’s the idea that you really believe,” he said. “This is what actually brought me to this county in the first place is what America stands for.”

Outside of the flashy décor which includes rifles, NASCAR memorabilia and non-stop marathons of Walker, Texas Ranger, the menu also takes a stab at just about everybody.

‘Merica NYC is located on 320 E. 6th St. between 1st and 2nd Avenues on the Lower East Side. It opens Oct. 15.

For more information on the menu and more, visit their Facebook page.