MANHATTAN (PIX11) — Singers paid tribute to Olivia Newton-John on Monday at Ellen’s Stardust Diner in the wake of the actor’s death.

The singing waiters there feature music from Newton-John’s career every day, but there was a special focus on honoring her on Monday. There’s a “Grease” mega mix several times a night, waiter Elie Kuppermann said. Almost all of the women know Sandy’s part and almost all of the men know Danny’s part.

“I love the fact that we’re able to bring her music to people everyday,” waiter Chris Mauro said.

Several singing waiters said Newton-John shaped their careers and love of music. Morgan Smith has looked up to Newton-John her whole life and was honored to sing the “Grease” star’s music.

“It was emotional,” Smith said. “It felt kind of like an honor that i get to sort of pay homage to her.”

Stardust emcee Tyler Maynard said it was a tradition to see an Olivia Newton-Joh concert with his dad every father’s day.

“I love her because she was an amazing diva with a beautiful perfect voice,” Maynard said.