MIDTOWN, MANHATTAN – “Wish You Were Here” is an off-Broadway play that is shattering ceilings. The story follows the lives of an all-Iranian and all-women cast as they live through the Iranian Revolution, but through humor and friendship. A different – and warm – side of the Iranian people is portrayed— one that isn’t often depicted.

The experience has been nothing short of a dream for the cast members including Artemis Pebdani, known for roles played in “Scandal” and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”

“I’ve never been in a cast with more than one Iranian woman and I’ve especially never been in a cast with Iranian women where we’re playing Iranian women,” Pebdani said.

The playwright, Sanaz Toossi, is also an Iranian woman. The play tells a story that isn’t normally seen in media and entertainment, away from the stereotypical plot lines of terrorism and war in that region. The backdrop is the Iranian Revolution, but the focus is on the friendship of the five women and removes labels of the Middle East.

Nazanin Nour, a judge on Persia’s Got Talent, plays the role of Rana. She explained parts of the Iranian people many haven’t seen to PIX11 News.

“We’re a warm people, we’re hospitable, we love hard, we like to eat, we like to dance we like to be joyful, we have a rich history of music and poetry,” Nour said. “Iranians, we’re just like you!”

Audiences will follow the play’s characters through their lives while they plan their weddings, talk about their menstrual cycles, and make dirty jokes as they debate – or avoid – the decision to stay in Iran or leave.

In many ways, preparation was easier for the actresses because it hits close to home, but familiarity also makes it more difficult.

“Initially reading the script, everything was connected,” Pebdani said. “Everything felt connected and that can be a problem.”

Nour said it revealed emotions she hadn’t experienced before.

“You are tapping into that trauma of your ancestors and your family and everybody around you and it’s so deeply personal and I feel like there were a couple of times where it felt like I had hit a block subconsciously in the sense of, ‘Oh, this is something that maybe is too painful that I haven’t wanted to access and now I’m actually accessing it,'” she added.

The cast brings to life countless stories they’ve heard from what their parents and family members went through — finally presented in a way that isn’t sensationalized and feels real.

“I think it will be revolutionary to see yourselves on stage in a way that is not a full-on tragedy,” Pebdani said.

Playwrights Horizons announced the show has been extended for an additional week. “Wish You Were Here” will play at the Peter Jay Sharp Theater until May 29.

For more information on the play and where to buy tickets, click here.