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It’s not a secret.  U.S. college students are leaving universities with mounting and significant debt and lawmakers around the country estimate borrowers owe somewhere in the ballpark of $1.2 trillion.  According to the Institute for College Access and Success, in New York alone the average college student owes more than $27,000.

The numbers are scary , but how far would you go to pay that debt off?  Would you consider finding a sugar daddy or sugar mommy to help you out?  Bizarre to some, but it’s apparently a new reality according to one matchmaking website that makes this sugar daddy concept their business and it seems NYU students are the ones seeking this kind of arrangement most often. links Sugar Babies as they call them with respective Sugar Daddies and Sugar Mommies and believe the match is much like a business relationship where many aspects are predetermined from the onset.

In a recent survey, the service determined NYU had the most number of registrants to its website with 225 Sugar Babies signing up in 2015.  Columbia placed 19 with 66 and Pace University ranked 46 with 46 new members.

In total, Seeking Arrangement says nearly 2 million students seek financial aid from Sugar Daddies.

Here is the full top 20 list of  Fastest Growing Sugar Baby Schools

Rank – School – Number of New Sign-ups
1. New York University – 225
2. Arizona State University – 189
3. University of Texas Austin – 163
4. Temple University – 155
5. Kent State University – 153
6. Texas State University -138
7. Georgia State University – 131
8. Florida International University – 129
9. Penn State University – 121
10. Virginia Commonwealth University – 120
11. University of Central Florida – 112
12. University of Houston – 104
13. University of South Florida – 95
14. University of Arizona – 84
15. University of Alabama – 82
16. University of Minnesota – 78
17. University of California, Berkeley – 67
18. University of Colorado, Boulder – 66
19. Columbia University – 66
20. University of Georgia – 64