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HARLEM, Manhattan — An NYPD officer has been reassigned after he was caught on camera pulling out his pistol on innocent bystanders and then allegedly attacking the man who recorded it all.

Residents say the video clearly shows what the NYPD officer can’t deny.

The officer had been arresting a suspect in the lobby of an apartment building on St. Nicholas Avenue in Harlem.  The video shows the officer pointing his gun at residents watching the takedown.

Moments later the officer is seen slamming the young man recording the arrest.

Police say the arrest was part of an investigation into a man suspected of riding an illegal dirt bike into a housing project.

Now residents tell PIX11 they’re afraid to talk fearing police retaliation.

Some say off camera there’s even a fear in the building to stop recording police activity, feeling they may be the next victim in this type of takedown.

The NYPD says this case remains under investigation.