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MANHATTAN – An NYPD spokesperson said its bomb squad has cleared the device as a dangerous threat after a runaway driver threw it into a police car late Wednesday.

J. Peter Donald, assistant commissioner of communications and public information, confirmed the apparatus was no longer being investigated and tweeted out a picture of what appeared to be a candle, a white T-shirt and a light bulb.

Police said a suspicious device was thrown into an NYPD car, prompting authorities to call the bomb squad and to block of several streets near 46th Street and Sixth Avenue.

The suspect possibly fled in a gold-colored SUV, police sources said.

Police sources said the contraption landed in the vehicle near Duffy Square and the NYPD officer driving the car – not knowing if it was real or not – drove it away from Times Square to 46th Street in an effort to save as many lives as possible.

No further information has been released.

PIX11 reporter Myles Miller contributed to this story.