NEW YORK (PIX11) — A bus carrying 14 migrants from Texas arrived in New York City Sunday morning, the second in three days, officials said. On Friday, about 54 migrants came to the city.

“Our goal is to immediately find out every family’s needs and give them the assistance they want,” Mayor Eric Adams said Sunday.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said he sent the buses to Manhattan because he feels other cities need to do more to help with the crisis at the border. Abbott said President Joe Biden’s border policies are exasperating the crisis and overwhelming Texas communities.

The governor is also sending the migrants to other cities. Texas has already sent thousands of people to Washington, D.C., and more migrants are on the way, Abbott said.

New York City will do what it can to help the migrants but officials said Abbott is not handling the situation properly. Officials believe several migrants were dropped off in other locations on the way to the city.

“We’re concerned about that because we don’t want people dropped off anywhere. You can only imagine you’re in a country you don’t know much about,” Adams said. “We were led to believe 40 people would be on that bus. Only 14 got off.”

“They’re not letting us know what time the buses are leaving or the needs of the people on the bus.,” Adams added. “They’re not giving us any information so we’re unable to provide services for people en route.”

On Sunday, New York City taxi workers showed up to welcome the migrants and offered them free rides. They said immigrants and migrants contribute to the economic well-being of the county and deserve support.

“We are proud to be here to welcome them,” Ibrahima Gory, a local cab driver, said. “You leave your country to come to the U.S., it’s for a better life … It’s a dream and we hope that dream will come true.”

Meanwhile, the mayor said any of the migrants who choose to stay in the city will be provided with shelter, but noted the shelters are overwhelmed. Adams is calling on the federal government to step in and help with resources.

Abbott and Immigration and Customs Enforcement could not be reached for comment. Abbott, however, sent out a tweet late Sunday taking a shot at Adams.

“New York City mayor says this is ‘horrific.’ Did he say it was ‘horrific’ when Biden flew plane loads into New York? Nope!” wrote Abbott. “Horrific is Biden’s policy of letting in ~ 2 million illegal immigrants. The NY mayor has no idea how horrific it really is.”