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CHELSEA, Manhattan — It’s a field dominated by white men, but one organization is getting young Black girls involved and interested.

Black Girls Code is teaching code to young, eager Black girls in it’s New York City office in Chelsea.

“It makes me kind of happy that there’s a group like this somewhere,” 13-year-old Jendayi Griffith said.

The tech industry is showing no signs of slowing down which means there are many open positions in this field. With more coding jobs available than those able to fill them, Lenard Pitts, virtual program manager at Black Girls Code, says the organization is here to meet that demand.

“I think they need more people in this space but especially women of color in this space,” Pitts. “I think for the innovation that we’re trying to do at Black Girls Code, we’ll be able to provide those people for those jobs.”

Located in the same building as the Google store on 9th avenue, the whole experience exposes them to new opportunities and the girls are excited.

“I’m going to try and start designing my own game because I already have a game idea,” Griffith said.

Elena Osse, 16, says it’s an important life skill to have in this new age of technology.

“It’s something that you’re able to apply to many different jobs and careers and I think everybody should know basic coding,” Osse said.

Black Girls Code hopes to expand its reach to teach code to 1 million Black girls and girls of color by the year 2040. The organization provides access to the industry while also making sure the girls see others in the room who look like themselves.

Amiya Falby, 13, says she joined for the new experience.

“I never did this before,” Falby said. “Plus, it’s with all Black girls so I was very interested in it.”

The organization is looking forward to the future as they work to be that pipeline from now to the girls’ high school, college, and professional careers.