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MANHATTAN — After a fourth day of protests against police brutality day throughout New York City, where thousands demonstrated peacefully, things once again turned to unrest overnight into early Monday.

PIX11’s Anthony DiLorenzo said there was a clear delineation between protesters and rioters, those causing chaos and destruction in Lower Manhattan overnight in what could be the city’s worst night yet.

A shocking video shared on Twitter appears to show an NYPD officer pointing a gun at protesters at the intersection of Broadway and East 12th Street, just outside the famous Strand Book Store near Union Square.

The NYPD said they aware of the video and it is under internal review.

As the sun started to rise Monday police still had much of the area blocked off as officers still walk the streets and continue making arrests.

The NYPD said over 400 arrests were made Sunday, with six police officers injured, however none with serious injuries. About a dozen police vehicles were damaged, authorities said.

The unrest comes after thousands again marched through multiple neighborhood Sunday, chanting, kneeling in the street, and falling silent for a minute in front of the police station in Times Square in honor of people killed by police.

On Saturday, fires burned, windows got smashed and dangerous confrontations between demonstrators and officers flared amid crowds of thousands. The day that began with mostly peaceful marches through Harlem and neighborhoods in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens, but it descended into chaos as night fell.

Officers sprayed crowds with chemicals, and video showed two police cruisers lurching into a crowd of demonstrators, knocking several to the ground, after people threw objects at the vehicle.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has said he had no plans to impose a curfew, unlike other major U.S. cities and smaller cities throughout the state.

He said police showed “tremendous restraint overall” but appointed two senior city officials to review how the protests were handled by the police.