WEST VILLAGE, Manhattan (PIX11) — With Diwali coming up, a gem of a Manhattan restaurant is getting many blessings as the only Indian restaurant in the country with a Michelin star.

Semma head chef Vijay Kumar said the south Indian cuisine is food from his childhood. The menu comes straight from his heart.

By the age of 41, Kumar had won six Michelin stars. His latest star, the one for Semma, is putting south Indian food on the culinary map.

“Finally, our real cuisine is getting a moment under the sun,” Unapologetic Foods Restaurant Group owner Roni Mazumdar said. “I think for far too long, we felt we were not worthy, therefore we needed to change ourselves to appeal to a much broader audience. And one of the biggest objectives of Unapologetic Foods is to say ‘let’s not worry about that. Let’s focus on sharing what our culture and heritage and cuisine is really about.'”

The restaurant has gotten accolades all month long. Bon Appetit recognized Semma as one of the top 10 restaurants across the country and the New York Times named the restaurant one of the best of the country.

The recognition has come in ahead of Diwali, a holiday recognizing when good triumphs over evil.

“Diwali is sort of where, in many ways, Thanksgiving and Christmas marry together. It’s a beautiful moment where food, festival, colors — all those things come together, but what it does bring together are families.

Right now, Semma books out one month in advance with a 1,500 person waiting list.