NEW YORK (PIX11)– How would you like a tour around the Amazon rainforest or even an inside look into Carnival or a taste of Brazilian cuisine? If that sounds appealing, you should check out ‘Casa Brasil.’  

The exhibit is on full display in SoHo. ‘Casa Brasil’ is an immersive experience powered by the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil), an organization that promotes traditional products and services from the South American country to other nations, including the United States.

“We work with different companies, from different sectors, to promote our country abroad,” said Maria Paula Velloso, Apex Brasil’s Industry and Service Manager. “We offer roundtables to match businesses in America with Brazilian service providers and help them establish partnerships.” 

The event started as a furniture showroom last year. The installation featured pieces designed by Brazilian artists inspired by the country’s diverse culture, music, and nature. One year later, it took off, expanded its display, and now attracts visitors from the tri-state region.

“It is a beautiful space. The design elements, the tropical plants projected on the walls, the music is spectacular, it all just brings you in,” said Suzanne Preston, a Hoboken resident who was visiting the exhibit. “It feels exotic but also very relaxing. I visited Brazil a while ago, I went to Iguazu Falls, and it’s beautiful. This all reminds me of the Brazilian hospitality.” 

The two-week event offers several workshops to visitors, from cooking to wine tasting. The first week will feature furniture, decoration, design, music, and art pieces. The second week will showcase food and wine.

Casa Brasil is located at 477 Broadway and will run until May 25. All the events within the exhibition are free. Visitors can register for the Wine Master Class, cooking show, and barista experience on the website