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MANHATTAN — Do you text and bike?

A new study from Hunter College finds that nearly 30% of cyclists in Manhattan are distracted by their phones and headphones.

New York City has been one of the cities who have held efforts to promote cycling.

Researchers observed 4,325 general riders, CitiBike riders, and commercial riders at 46 intersections around Manhattan.

The last time Hunter College performed the same study in 2013, only 9% of cyclists were reportedly distracted by their devices.

The study also found that 24% of cyclists do not stop or even pause at red lights, and more than 50% do not wear helmets.

“You’re trying to tell somebody on the right ‘Hey, I’m behind you,’” said one cyclist.

“Pedestrians are just as bad – they have the little earbuds- they’re walking in the bike lane all the time, and you’re behind them. They have no clue what they’re doing.”