NEW YORK (PIX11) — Wednesday was the Hindu celebration signifying the end of winter at the beginning of spring and the season of renewal, known as Holi.

Holi is known for smearing and sprinkling vibrant colored powders all over each other. These days those powders represent beautiful meanings.

Red stands for love, passion, and fertility. Blue stands for infinite or calm. Yellow is for happiness and peace. Green means new beginnings, and orange represents courage and sacrifice,” explained Anu Sehgal, the founder of The Culture Tree.

The ancient two-day festival dates back to the fourth century and marks the coming out of flu season on the first night with a bonfire and the following day, entering springtime and a healthier time of renewal.

“By the end of the Holi day, everyone looks the same. It doesn’t matter what your race is…it doesn’t matter what color your skin…it doesn’t matter, how rich, how poor, what age. We all look the same,” said Sehgal.