NEW YORK (PIX11) — Dozens of nonprofit executives camped out at City Hall Wednesday night to rally for higher pay and end government-sanctioned poverty wages.

The Human Services workers are calling on Mayor Adams and his administration to fund a 6.5% automatic annual cost-of-living adjustment and a multi-year deal of 16.5% to match the number of union deals.

They represent organizations offering after-school programs, senior centers, legal services, and other essential services. Roughly two-thirds of nonprofit workers live near poverty, according to the Human Services Council of New York

The #JustPay campaign states that a living wage should be no less than $21 per hour, and the Human Services contract should include a comprehensive wage and benefits schedule comparable to the salaries made by city and state employees in the same field.

Those camping out say it’s unacceptable that human services workers are given inadequate pay, benefits, and opportunities for career advancements.