NEW YORK (PIX11) — “Gun Free Zone” signs set to go up around Times Square may be the only sign that a concealed gun is still illegal in the area as a designated “sensitive area.”

The Supreme Court ruling overturning New York City’s ban on concealed carry guns means anyone with a permit can pack a pistol — but not in Times Square where it’s a felony offense. It’s got some city council members concerned. 

“It’s no bigger than 8×11. It should be bigger than that,” a council member said.

“It means they need to know the rules the laws,” another said.

With 400,000 people passing through the crossroads of Times Square daily, nearing pre-pandemic numbers, combined with the scourge of rising gun violence, lawmakers are scrambling to find workarounds to the Supreme Court’s loosening of gun laws. 

“We are enhancing background checks,” Gov. Kathy Hochul said. “Working tirelessly on this.”