NEW YORK, N.Y. (PIX11) – The countdown is on until New Year’s Eve and one of the biggest traditions leading up to it took place in Times Square on Thursday – the confetti test run, which proved to be a success yet again.  

“We have to make sure the confetti’s going to work on New Year’s Eve,” said Gary Winkler of the Times Square Alliance. “We can’t just drop it on the 31st without anybody seeing!”

On Saturday, 3,000 pounds of confetti are expected to be dropped in Times Square from seven different locations. The confetti is released a few seconds before midnight because it takes a bit of time to float its way down.

Part of the confetti will include wishes from the Wishing Wall, where visitors have spent the last month writing down their hopes for 2023.

“Everything from, ‘I want my Jets to finally make the playoffs,’ to ‘I want a new Tonka trunk,’ to ‘I want my sick friend or family member to get better,’” Winkler added. “Everything from cute to sentimental.”

If cramming into Times Square isn’t on your bucket list, there are other alternatives to celebrate.

Enjoy incredible views from the tallest building in midtown from Summit One Vanderbilt, where a ticket gets you access to roam all three floors or have yourself a masquerade night at Loreley Beer Garden on the Lower East Side—looking to get out of Manhattan? Then dance the night away at the Brooklyn Brewery.

Time Out has a list of more events happening, but if you are up for the once-in-a-lifetime experience, Times Square – and all its confetti – is waiting for you.