HAMILTON HEIGHTS, Manhattan (PIX11) — New photos obtained by PIX11 News show the scars left behind by a deadly confrontation in a Manhattan bodega.

Worker Jose Alba, back home after allegedly stabbing a man to death, suffered wounds of his own. Victim Austin Simon’s girlfriend allegedly stabbed Alba during the July 1 confrontation. She has not been charged. Mayor Eric Adams said he has not seen video of it.

“Anyone who carries out an assault of any nature should be held accountable for it. So if in that video it determines that she broke the law, I believe that the law must be enforced. But the district attorney makes the final outcome,” Adams said. “My job is to continue to stand up and support those hard working New Yorkers that should not be the victim of aggressive behaviors.”

Alba spent days in jail before he was released on bail. He’s home now with an ankle monitor as his lawyers fight the murder charge against him, saying the incident was self defense.

The July 1 incident began when a woman and her 10-year-old daughter entered a bodega and tried to buy snacks, according to a criminal complaint. The woman’s electronic benefits card was denied, which spurred an argument between the woman and Alba, who was acting as a cashier.

She went out and came back with Simon. Video shows him come behind the counter at the bodega and confront Alba. The bodega worker grabbed a knife and allegedly killed Simon.

Bodega owners emerged from a Tuesday morning meeting with Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg confident that the “self-defense” murder charge against worker Jose Alba will ultimately be dropped.