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MIDTOWN, Manhattan — A day after a man allegedly set a Manhattan Christmas tree on fire, people gathered to celebrate a replacement. The event was a symbol of resilience and courage, attendees said.

A 50-foot, colorful tree replaced its burnt-out predecessor Thursday night. The previous tree was set on fire — the suspect in that arson, 49-year-old Craig Tamanaha, was charged and then released. Several attendees condemned the ‘Grinch’ who ruined a beautiful Christmas display.

The new display was mounted in just a matter of hours in front of the News Corp. Building in Midtown, the home of Fox News.

“Something very horrible [and] destructive was done,” one attendee told PIX11 News, “and what they did here today … everything felt very warm and friendly.”

Another attendee said the celebration “brought light to a really dark time.”