EAST VILLAGE, Manhattan (PIX11) — Public housing residents remained on edge Sunday after the alarming discovery of arsenic in the water supply at the Jacon Riis houses.

Workers from the New York City Housing Authority were on hand Sunday to provide clean drinking water. Tenants started complaining about the water in August. They said it looked cloudy and there was an odor.

Resident Jewel Stevens said her apartment starts to smell like a sewer when she runs the faucet. Stevens has been buying water every day since the problem started.

Her suspicions were confirmed when a worker knocked on her door, telling her not to drink the water. On Sunday, Public Advocate Jumaane Williams questioned NYCHA’s handling of the problem. 

“I do want to find out from management why it is almost a month from the point of complaint to test results,” Williams said. “That is a tremendous problem, and I think that is not a funding issue, that is a management issue.”

The housing authority is supplying bottled water for tenants to drink and cook with, as well as fountains connected to the hydrants and city’s water supply, which is clean. Williams drank from the fountains to show residents that the water is safe. Still, he is not so sure about the water at the complex and neither are the tenants. 

“It is safe to bathe in that water,” he said. “I would say if I were the parent of a young baby, I probably would not bathe my child in it.”

At least some adult residents have medical concerns after washing with the water. Resident Sharon Stevens said she’s dealing with facial pain after washing her face.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but it hurts so bad,” Stevens said.

On Friday, Mayor Eric Adams was at the Jacob Riss houses to hand out water to some of the thousands of impacted residents.

“NYCHA began water testing in response to complaints of cloudy water at Riis Houses. Results returned earlier this week left open the possibility of potential contaminants, including arsenic. Those results were found to be questionable, so we have and are continuing to run multiple additional tests,” a City Hall spokespersons aid Sunday. “While preliminary retesting results showed arsenic levels higher than the federal standard for drinking water, new results yesterday from the New York City Department of Environmental Protection did not detect arsenic from the water source entering the building. DEP has confirmed that the rest of the city’s water supply is clean and safe to drink. As we said Friday, there is no evidence connecting the arsenic levels to cloudy water. Out of an abundance of caution, however, we are advising Riis Houses residents not to drink or cook with the water in their buildings, and we are providing clean water for anyone who needs it. Additional samples were collected in apartments, roof tanks, and other locations today, and we are pushing to get results as soon as possible.”