MANHATTAN (PIX11) — Police continued to search for at least three teenagers seen beating a 15-year-old boy with autism inside a Manhattan subway station as the mother of the victim spoke out on Tuesday in defense of her son.

A cellphone video of the attack has been shared so much on social media that it’s gone viral. It shows a girl dragging the teen by his sweatshirt from a northbound A train at the West 181st Street and Fort Washington Avenue station.

As the girl drags the teen down the platform, a group can be heard and seen on the video cursing and using racial slurs. The girl walks the teen through the station, pulling him by his sweatshirt while the group records the attack on their cellphones.

At one point in the video, someone throws a punch at the teen. He fights back but then he’s surrounded, jumped on by the group, and repeatedly punched, the video shows. The teen suffered a bloody lip and broken glasses, authorities said.

It’s still unclear what happened before cellphones were pulled out. The NYPD said it was investigating the attack as a possible hate crime.

The boy’s mother, meanwhile, said she is devastated by what happened and can’t bring herself to watch the video.

“I don’t care what happened outside of the situation, there is no excuse for so many people to be on one kid,” she told PIX11 News on Tuesday.

Community leaders also called for change, noting that the group who stood by and recorded the attack on their phones should have stopped the beating.

“Put the phones down. Everything does not have to go viral with safety pushed to the side just because you want to grab content,” community activist Rosemary Sevirino said.

The attack happened Friday during the evening rush hour, police said. Investigators have zeroed in on the three suspects, however, no arrests had been made as of Tuesday night. The NYPD has stepped up patrols inside the station.

The teen victim is highly functioning and loves being in the subway and riding trains, sources told PIX11 News. The attack happened on one of New York City’s new high-tech trains. His mom says she’s only focused on one thing.

“My goal is to focus on my kid and his emotional well-being. He wasn’t that great today,” she said.