EAST VILLAGE, Manhattan (PIX11) — Mayor Eric Adams got an earful from NYCHA residents overnight after traces of arsenic were found in the water supply, solely at the Jacob Riis Houses in the East Village.

“When we determined there was a slight detection, we made sure to do the proper thing,” Adams said.

The mayor personally responded to the emergency late Friday to hand out water to some of the 2,600 residents affected by the alarming discovery. 

“No one should be drinking with it, not brushing teeth. If they must cook, they should boil first,” Adams said. “You can take a shower with it but not in any way consume until we can have a final test.”

PIX11 News first exposed the tenants’ water woes last month when residents came to us concerned about cloudy water

However, city hall insisted the potentially poisonous arsenic detection is not linked to that issue.

New Yorkers wanted to know if a long-term construction project is to blame and fear for any long-term health consequences.