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MANHATTAN — Thursday morning he allegedly kicked a pregnant woman in the stomach on the subway; Friday as he left court he asked his lawyer for a hug.

Michael Lee, a 40-year-old Staten Island resident, and a woman were both riding a crowded northbound 4 train around 8:30 a.m. Thursday, police said. Lee allegedly bumped into the woman, who is 9 months pregnant, and the two argued.

The pregnant woman pushed Lee and he fell to the floor of the train, police sources said. He got up and allegedly kicked the 28-year-old woman twice in the stomach. The train was stopped at the Bowling Green station in lower Manhattan.

Police took Lee into and he was later hit with felony charges for assault and reckless endangerment.

The woman was transported to New York-Presbyterian Hospital for abdominal pain and observation.

Lee was arraigned Friday morning. He seemed emotional as he left court. Lee wiped away tears and asked his lawyer for a hug as the men waited for an Uber.

He was released on bail and is next scheduled to appear in court on April 26. His lawyer said they won’t be commenting on what happened at this time.