NEW YORK (PIX11) — A prominent civil rights attorney focused on innocence, justice and freedom, Josh Dubin built his career in courtrooms around the country, helping exonerate the wrongfully convicted. 

In an exclusive interview with PIX11 News, Dubin explained, “I fell in love with the feeling associated with helping another human being.”

As director of Cardozo Law School’s Perlmutter Center for Legal Justice, Dubin is launching a new hands-on field clinic for law students. 

The Perlmutter Freedom Clinic will fight wrongful convictions based on the misuse of forensic evidence.

Under Dubin’s guidance, Cardozo Law students have already started working on active cases. 
“We get a lot of mail from people that are incarcerated,” Dubin said. “The gatekeeping or threshold question is going to be whether or not the conviction involves some iteration of what we feel is questionable forensic science.”

Deputy Director Derrick Hamilton will work alongside Dubin, teaching law students from a different perspective. “I never went to law school at all. I never went to college at all,” Hamilton said. “I learned everything I know in prison.”

During his 21 years in prison, Hamilton spent every moment he could in the law library, working until the day of his own exoneration. 

Dubin and Hamilton have found joy in their new roles, educating the next generation of freedom fighters.”I hope they walk away with some sense of compassion,” Dubin said. “That, to me, is more important than anything else.”