EAST VILLAGE, Manhattan (PIX11) — A boisterous meeting between residents of the Jacob Riis Houses in Manhattan and NYCHA officials broke out following the latest twist in the week-long water supply saga at the public housing complex.

“We’re going to get answers,” a resident said.

The city said there was never any arsenic in the drinking water after concerns arose the week before. Instead, they said the Illinois-based testing company that conducted the tests botched the results, inadvertently adding the chemical into the sample during the lab testing process. 

Residents still aren’t sure what to believe. 

“They’re saying the water is safe,” another resident said. “I’d like to see them drink some of this water.”

Environmental Monitoring and Technologies tried to reassure the 3,000 residents in a statement retracting “all arsenic results produced on August 26, 2022 and September 1, 2022.”

But, the finger-pointing between the city and the laboratory raised new questions about transparency from the mayor’s office. The city denied knowing about the potential arsenic problem before last Friday. However, the water first tested positive a week before residents were warned according to the lab.

The testing process was initiated after cloudy water was coming out of the tap last month. That problem has since been resolved. However, City Hall is still urging residents to refrain from using the water for a seventh day, while tests are pending from a separate lab.