MIDTOWN, MANHATTAN – Just because the holidays are over, it doesn’t mean the magic of winter has passed us in New York City, especially in Bryant Park.  

The Ice Theatre of New York is putting on free pop-up concerts for the public, but if you get there late, you may miss it since the shows are just about 10 minutes.

Founder Moira North says the Ice Theatre is the first nonprofit dance company in the United States.

“We are dedicated to presenting and developing skating as one of the performing arts here in New York City,” North said.

Figure skating typically has a challenge in creating a big audience space, which is limited to the indoor rink size, but in the heart of the city, the sky is the limit.

Liz Yoshiko Schmidt is one of the performers.

“It’s gorgeous, I mean the air is completely free because we have all of these giant sky rises around us and we’re skating amongst them and it’s just a beautiful feeling,” Yoshiko Schmidt said. “Here, there’s kind of an unlimited amount of people that can watch and it’s so impactful. I mean, that’s my point is to get my story across with my performance.”

Yoshiko Schmidt and Danil Berdnikov, another performer, have toured in Europe performing in stadium-size shows with big production companies, but on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Bryant park, they can move, dance, and spin as they like.

“Since it’s not a competition, there’s not such a requirement for any tricks or anything so you’re way more free in that way,” Berdnikov said. “You can express yourself in all the different moves.”

The audience is enjoying the entertainment.  

“We loved it and the kids loved it,” one onlooker said. “It’s a great experience in New York.”

You can watch these pop-up concerts every Tuesday and Thursday at 12:40 p.m. through Feb. 17.