CHELSEA, Manhattan (PIX11) — The largest and longest-running vintage show in New York City is happening this weekend in Chelsea.

Thousands of people are expected to peruse the Manhattan Vintage Show. Whether you are a vintage expert or new to the game, there are thousands of square feet of merchandise for you to look through.

“It’s really championing what we believe is vintage for all,” said Amy Abrams, co-founder of Shop Extraordinary Enterprises. Abrams is one driving force behind the massive undertaking. It’s her first show since newly acquiring the business. More than 90 vendors are at the event.

“There is every era, every style, every type of taste, every price point,” Abrams said.

You’ll find a wide range of clothing, accessories and textiles for any occasion, from jeans and a t-shirt, couture to bridal.

“If you want to be a bride that does not look like everybody else, this is a place to shop for sure,” Abrams said.

When we talk about vintage — this is the real deal. You can find jewelry dating back to ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire.

“Things come from auction houses or old collections. We’re always on the hunt traveling around when we do shows,” said Lee Masterson, co-owner of E. Foxe Harrell.

 Keesean Moore, the owner of Moore Vintage Archive, looks for pieces with significance in fashion history. “I really charge myself with the responsibility with preserving and archiving these pieces and then hopefully helping them find a new home,” said Moore.

More than $2,000 advance tickets have been sold. The line wrapped around the block Friday. Brian Cohen was the first one in line more than an hour before doors opened.

“I just love the old craftsmanship. The fabrics, texture, color, nothing like they make it today. All one-of-a-kind pieces,” Cohen said.

There are also fitting rooms to try on your new clothes. And if they don’t fit, there’s even a tailor ready to alter anything you may need.

The Manhattan Vintage Show is a two-day event. Doors open on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.