TIMES SQUARE, Manhattan (PIX11) — As revelers headed home after the ball drop Sunday, hundreds of sanitation workers started cleaning up Times Square.

More than 300 Sanitation Department workers rolled out to clean up confetti, hats, 2023 glasses and more, officials said. They were done cleaning up by morning.

The number is not yet in for this year, but in 2022, crew removed a whopping 132,000 pounds of debris from the area after the ball drop, officials said. As for if there’s anything unusual in all that trash?

“There’s no such thing as ‘weird’ when it comes to New York City on New Year’s Eve – a time and place where anything can happen, and the Department of Sanitation is always prepared for the unexpected,” a spokesperson said.

Cleaning efforts start when crowds disperse around 2 a.m., Sanitation Commissioner Jessica Tisch told PIX11. They use 80 trucks, 33 mechanical brooms and 57 backpack blowers to clean up all the garbage in Times Square. It’s usually clean enough to reopen streets by around 5 a.m.