HARLEM, Manhattan (PIX11) — Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine pushed Sunday to stop the opening of a truck depot in Harlem.

The depot, set to open near the 145th Street Bridge and the Major Deegan Expressway, is “is absolutely unacceptable,” Levine said in a series of tweets. He’s calling for housing on the site instead.

“An upzoning at this site proposed last year would’ve allowed for 939 apartments,” Levine tweeted. “My office stipulated that at least 50% of those units must be affordable. The final proposal, while not perfect, met this goal. The deal nonetheless fell apart in the final stage of negotiations.”

He warned the truck depot would impact the air quality in the neighborhood. Harlem is one of the neighborhoods in New York City with a higher rate of asthma, a Columbia University study found.

Though Levine said the depot opening is just days away, he said he’s committed to working on a deal to stop it from opening and bring housing to the site instead.

“The alternative of allowing this site to languish in the heart of Harlem—or worse, to remain a truck depot—is absolutely unacceptable,” he tweeted. “We need to act now. 100s of families who desperately need affordable housing are depending on us.”