HARLEM, Manhattan (PIX11) – An early Father’s Day celebration in Harlem on Monday gave senior fathers and father figures a day of massages, haircuts, and some friendly competition among the guys.

It was at the Food Bank for New York City’s Community Kitchen and Food Pantry which has a senior program and Alexander Williams, a Harlem resident, has been a visitor of the program for seven years. Williams is thankful for the celebration.

“I’m not expecting too many things going on for Father’s Day like usual, but I am very grateful,” Williams said.

Eugene Nelson, 71, said the program gives him a chance to get outside and is happy he was invited to the Father’s Day event.

“It’s good to get out [of] the house and socialize with other people because I’m more of a stay-at-home guy,” Nelson said.

Charles Martinez, who is the manager of the program, said this is the first Father’s Day party they put on since 2019 which was paused because of the pandemic.

“We just want them to know this is their home away from home,” Martinez said. “This is a place they can come, relax, [and] socialize with other seniors.”

Martinez said it’s been easy getting the senior women back to the center, but a little harder for the senior men, so they’re being pampered and indulging in self-care with haircuts and massages.

George Capella said his massage was relaxing.

“It really helped me out,” Capella said. “I got problems with my shoulders and my back and I found the massage to be great.”

They’re also getting some entertainment and sharing some laughs thanks to comedian Ellen Orchid.

“[It’s a] little mini-vacation, some fun,” Orchid said. “I have some prepared jokes that I’ll weave in with playing off the crowd, help people take their mind off their troubles. We all have troubles. We’re living in difficult, stressful times.”

And what’s a guy’s day without some competition? A cornhole tournament allowed the men to let loose and play fun games.

The community kitchen also provides 800 meals per day but Martinez says they are there for the seniors beyond providing food. Whether they need help filling out an application or figuring out to use a new cell phone, they want the seniors to feel comfortable going there.