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MIDTOWN MANHATTAN — As winds buffeted the city on Thursday night, glass fell from the 53rd floor of a Manhattan high-rise building and shattered on the ground below.

No one was hurt, but there have been issues at location before. The glass fell on East 58th Street, though the high rise’s main entrance is on East 57th Street.

Maria Loi, chef and owner of Loi Estiatorio, which is right by where the glass fell, captured video of the scene.

“The whole window came down,”Loi said. “It was like a bomb.”

Loi canceled the restaurants Christmas Eve reservations because she didn’t want to risk her patrons’ safety.

Earlier this year, a falling metal socket pierced a hole in their outdoor dining tent, shattering a glass table and almost killing a waiter, she said.

Loi said she’s not litigious, but the restaurants in the area are considering legal options

With potentially severe wind gusts of up to 65 mph in the forecast, the Department of Buildings issued a warning to all builders, contractors and crane operators to secure construction sites.