MIDTOWN MANHATTAN (PIX11) — This story is going to make you hungry. It involves pizza, gyros, hot dogs and some of New York City’s most iconic foods.

The Flag Project is an annual art installation at Rockefeller Center in Midtown Manhattan. All kinds of tasty treats are represented as part of this year’s theme. In total, 193 banners celebrate food and restaurants in New York City.

Food has a way of bringing people together. The flags have the same effect.

“It’s a way to connect cultures. Food builds a bridge of community,” said Airis Johnson, who was giving a tour of the area.

Rockefeller Center partnered with City Harvest to sponsor the 2022 event. City Harvest CEO Jilly Stephens said she hopes it encourages people to visit restaurants and it also serves as a reminder.

“Many people in the city are faced with good insecurity,” Stephens said.

Peach Tao is a muralist and and illustrator. She created a flag with an egg cream from Ray’s Candy Store. It also honors Ray Alvarez, who has been working at his store on Avenue A in Manhattan for 50 years. She helped paint the sign at his building.

“I’m happy he’s flying up there. Going to Ray’s is one of the really nice sweet things in Alphabet City. I hope people who pass by here get a little feeling of that,” the artist said.

The flags will be up through the end of April.