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NEW YORK (PIX11) — Casey Bardowell is 9 years old and full of spunk — and a lover of all things Adam Levine.

Casey not only battles leukemia, but also suffers from Graft versus Host Disease, which is caused by complications stemming from a cord blood transplant.

Her single mother Tracy Glasgow’s plate is full. Since Casey’s treatment became a 24/7 job, Tracy was forced to quit her work as a secretary. With no income, their home in Middletown went into foreclosure a few years ago. For the past several years, the family lived where Casey would receive treatment, mostly at Memorial Sloan Kettering in Manhattan.

Casey, who is 9 years old, suffers from a condition stemming from cancer treatments. (Photo:

Casey, who is 9 years old, suffers from a condition stemming from cancer treatments. (Photo:

“Casey gives me the strength. I know it’s hard on her,” Tracy says. “She gives me all the encouragement to move on.”

But since 2014, while Casey still goes to Sloan Kettering four days a week, they have not been able to stay there and now has no choice but to board up with family.

Rock bottom-came three weeks ago. Tracy, Casey and her 8-month-old sister Lily ended up in a city shelter and it was a “nightmare,” as Tracy described. “As soon as we got into the apartment …  roaches all over the place.”

After 5 days, the family of three were moved to a medical shelter and unfortunately it wasn’t any better. “The toilet in the bathroom was dirty stained up. It looked horrible.”

Now the clock is ticking. The family member they’re staying with is leaving the state. And soon they could  — yet again — end up with nowhere to go.

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