EAST VILLAGE, Manhattan (PIX11) — A famed New York City pizzeria is no longer offering its $1 slice to customers after inflation forced it to hike the price by 50%, according to reports.

2 Bros. Pizza is ending the deal at its St Mark’s Place location in the East Village, according to Eater New York. The slice will now cost New Yorkers $1.50.

The owner, Eli Halali, told the New York Post the pizzeria’s other locations across the city were already serving the $1.50 slices. The increase is also supposed to hit the Bronx location this week, according to the report.

“The biggest issue in recent months was cheese prices stabilizing at a higher average than where they’ve been for the last decade,” Halali told the Post, adding that cheese costs make up over 40% of the company’s food bills.

Prices on everyday products have increased with inflation, especially in the pizza business. The cost of ingredients, labor, and fuel for transporting goods have all skyrocketed, according to Yahoo finance.

The national average price of a pie has increased by more than $1, from $16.74 in 2021 to $17.81 in 2022, according to a report in CNET.

PIX11 could not reach Halali for comment on Tuesday.