GREENWICH VILLAGE, Manhattan (PIX11) — Former “SNL” cast member Chris Redd was reportedly punched in the nose on Wednesday outside the Comedy Cellar in Greenwich Village.

Surveillance video from a neighboring business on MacDougal Street shows Redd walking down the sidewalk toward the venue when he is punched and collapses to the ground.

“He had his nose cracked – not broken, but split – and a lot of blood was coming out,” said Fabrizio Cavallacci, who owns Cafe Reggio next door, as well as several other neighboring properties. 

Cavallacci said he was outside when the attack happened around 9:40 p.m. Wednesday and immediately heard the commotion. 

“A whole bunch of people gathered there, and they really bashed the poor guy,” said Cavallacci. “He was really bleeding a lot, a lot.” 

He said people immediately sprang to help, and police officers were nearby. 

“One of the managers, she was trying to stop the bleeding,” said Cavallacci. “Then, after, an ambulance came…We took a pail of hot water to clean the sidewalk because it was really messy.” 

Redd was reportedly taken to Bellevue Hospital and treated for minor injuries.

Cavallacci said right after the attack, he watched two men wearing face masks run off down MacDougal Street. He also said he’s noticed that crimes like these are happening more frequently. 

“Here in this neighborhood, things like this happen pretty often,” said Cavallacci. 

Redd’s scheduled Thursday night performances at the Comedy Cellar were taken down from his website, and the Comedy Cellar’s website did not list him in its nightly lineup. Neither the venue nor Redd’s representatives responded to requests for comment from PIX11 News.