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NEW YORK — A Department of Homeless Services police officer was caught on surveillance video repeatedly beating a man at a shelter on Wards Island.

Kevin Rosado, a former shelter resident said he was beaten after he tried leaving the facility and got into an argument with the officer seen on video, police sources confirm.

“When he beat me like, I put my hand like that I tell him that’s not necessary why you hit my like that,” Rosado said.

Baton in hand, the sergeant only identified by his last name, Robinson, struck the 24-year-old several times as his colleagues appeared to stand around and watch.

The video is from October 2014, Rosado said he was left bleeding for over an hour in a room before EMS arrived to take him to Metropolitan Hospital.

He says under dubious circumstances — when he asked hospital staff to report his injuries to police staff reported the incident as having happened on the street.

Rosado said he moved to New York from Puerto Rico in hopes of becoming a nurse.

He became homeless after he couldn’t afford the place where he once lived.

After the beating he wasn’t able to return to the shelter at Wards Island.

Instead he was forced to live on the city’s streets.

In response to the incident, David Neustadt, a spokesman for the city’s human resources administration said: “This 2014 case was investigated, the two officers were found to have acted inappropriately and appropriate disciplinary action was taken at that time. Details of personnel files are confidential.”

Rosado has filed a lawsuit against the city, the damages sought weren’t immediately clear.