EAST HARLEM, Manhattan (PIX11) — He served our country and now the public housing resident just wants consistent hot water so he can take a hot shower. 

Petty officer William Alvarez served in the United States Naval Reserve and now lives at the New York City Housing Authority’s Jefferson Houses in Harlem.  The vet, who works as a professional musician, has been playing the blues lately. He’s had inconsistent hot water service for three weeks.

It’s not just Alvarez who is suffering, but his neighbors too, he said. Katherine henry, 94, said she had to boil water Monday morning to bathe before a doctor’s appointment. 

PIX11 News fought for Alvarez back in 2019 to help him get kitchen repairs. Now, he said he just wants a hot shower before the holidays. Alvarez said he calls NYCHA’s customer contact center every day.

“NYCHA checked on the heat and hot water and found the heat control valves needed to be adjusted,” an agency spokesperson said. “Staff have adjusted the valves and took temperatures in the apartment, with heat at 77 degrees and water at 116 degrees Fahrenheit. This building has a BMS system, which regulates the heat based on the outdoor temperature. NYCHA staff will continue to monitor the valves to ensure there is sufficient heat and hot water.”

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