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Nearly a week after 61-year-old Yao Pan Ma was brutally assaulted in East Harlem, the Asian man remains in a medically induced coma, family spokesperson Karlin Chan told the PIX11 Morning News Friday.

Chan said the man’s wife has remained by his hospital bed since the brutal attack.

Ma was collecting cans when he was kicked and stomped in the head repeatedly last Friday night.

According to Chan, he lost his job last year when the Chinatown restaurant where he worked was forced to close during the pandemic, and he was unable to qualify for unemployment benefits.

The NYPD arrested Jarrod Powell, 49, early Tuesday. He was charged with attempted murder and two counts of hate crime assault. 

Chan said the family wants the media to respect their privacy during this “traumatizing” time.

The representative for the family also confirmed the official GoFundMe page for the Ma family, which has raised over $542,000 so far.

Chan warned the public to be aware of potentially fake campaigns, saying that at one point there were four different GoFundMe pages trying to raise money supposedly for Yao Pan Ma.