MANHATTAN, N.Y. (PIX11) — Twelve-thousand tons of trash and recycling are picked up each day around New York City.

Still, more and more piles of illegally dumped garbage have been appearing around the boroughs. The NYC Department of Sanitation is responding with trucks and cameras.

The crews are known as New York’s “strongest,” and they’re getting stronger sight with the addition of dozens of portable surveillance cameras. The hope is to catch illegal dumping operations in the act.

Neighbors along Hegeman Avenue, off Linden Boulevard in East New York, said they were pleased to see crews cleaning up a pile sitting on the sidewalk.

“I felt like nobody was listening, like it was falling on deaf ears,” one woman told PIX11 News. “So when I saw it, I was like ‘oh my God, it’s happening.'”

DSNY Commissioner Edward Grayson said summonses have been issued and district attorneys have opened cases as a result of the increased perspective. He said there’s been “a lot of uptick” in reports.

“We have sanitation police doing stakeouts and work with communities. Camera enforcement is more tools in the toolbox. It helps people see we clean up and also stop and prevent,” Grayson said.

The City Council has called for an increase to the sanitation department budget, including more cameras and illegal dumping cleaning operations. Concerned neighbors can report online or call 311.