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UPPER WEST SIDE, Manhattan — Preliminary numbers from the Department of Education reported an almost 2% drop in enrollment across New York City public schools for this year. 

Preliminary enrollment numbers show 938,000 children enrolled across district schools — charter schools in the city bring the total to just over a million.

As of Thursday, public schools had an average of 89% attendance, according to the Department of Education. But councilmember Mark Treyger said more work needs to be done to reach out to missing students.

“I’ve spoken to principals in the South Bronx where attendance in some schools are about 40%,” he said. 

Numbers from the DOE also show enrollment saw the biggest drop last year — almost 5%.

“A lot of our funding for schools is tied to enrollment,” Treyger said. “So if a school loses a significant enrollment that means less money to the school.”