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MANHATTAN — Ziggy Stardust lives on – at least in a subway station.

Commuters passing through the Broadway-Lafayette station Wednesday were greeted by David Bowie art and quotes. Spotify brought the glam-rock musician display back to Bowie’s old neighborhood in conjunction with a Starman exhibit at Brooklyn Museum.

Visitors can enjoy images of Bowie through May 13. Some commuters will even be able to take a piece home; Bowie-themed MetroCards displaying his personas are on sale.

Bowie, 69, lost a battle with cancer in January 2016. Before that, he lived in Manhattan.

The tributes to Bowie are paired with quotes he’d said about the city.

Commuters rushed up and down a stairway featuring a Bowie quote describing a “sense of urgency” in the city.

“I have a great time here: we can go where we want, eat where we want, walk out with our child, go to the park, ride the subway, do the things that any family does,” another poster says, quoting Bowie.