NEW YORK (PIX11) — The plan for congestion pricing is shifting into high gear. 

Some officials from Nassau County spoke out Wednesday after the draft scenarios were released by the MTA. Click here to read the document and comment. 

The idea of congestion pricing has been talked about for decades. In 2019 it was approved by the state legislature and Gov. Andrew Cuomo. 

Congestion pricing would raise $1 billion annually for dedicated transit projects, including for commuter railroads. 

Supporters say it will ease congestion, improve transit, and will be good for the environment. Opponents call it a tax on drivers and on the suburbs and they worry their commutes would take much longer. 

Census data, travel patterns, and statistics were used by computers to model seven different scenarios. It found a toll between $5 and $23 would ease congestion and encourage people to take transit. 

Exemptions and credits will be discussed by the six-member Traffic Mobility Review Board. They are appointed by the governor of New York and one seat by the mayor. 

Credits for other tolls or medical appointments have been discussed in the media. 

The law that created the plan in 2019 did set up a tax credit for residents of the Central Business District who make less than $60,000 a year. 

The Federal Highway Administration has to approve the general concept first.