WASHINGTON HEIGHTS, Manhattan (PIX11) — The push to implement congestion pricing in New York is heating up again, with transit advocates set to rally in favor of the plan Thursday morning near the foot of the George Washington Bridge.

Under congestion pricing, most drivers would be charged a fee of between $9 and $23 to enter Manhattan south of 60th Street. Proponents say that the plan would help fund much-needed overhauls to public transportation, while also reducing traffic in congested parts of Manhattan and helping the environment. It was approved in 2019 by state lawmakers and then-Gov. Andrew Cuomo, but is yet to be signed off on in Washington and implemented.

Now, advocates will again call on lawmakers to put the plan in place. 

While outlining her next budget proposal on Wednesday, Gov. Kathy Hochul instead detailed plans to use the MTA’s payroll tax, casino revenue, and a planned 5% fare hike to sustain the MTA.

Meanwhile, some members of Congress from New York and New Jersey have voiced opposition to the plan, vowing to withhold millions of dollars in federal funding for the MTA if the plan is passed in Washington. 

Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ) has contended that the plan would price many families out of being able to easily get into New York City. A bipartisan bill to end the plan has also been drafted.