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MIDTOWN — “We’re in our twenties, and we have nothing to lose, so why not try?” The motto of Too Blondes!

Savannah Brown and Chase O’Donnell are two blondes from Southern California who have come to New York City with a dream.

“My dream is to have a web series or pilot with Too Blondes,” Savannah Brown told PIX11.

“My dream is to be on a show like Saturday Night Live,” Chase O’Donnell added.

Clearly, Too Blondes are well on their way.

The New York Times called them a “Cabaret of Comic Confusion” and described them as the “Smothers Sisters” much like Tom and Dick Smothers of the TV Variety show of the 1960s with the camaraderie of “Broad City.”

The Too Blondes started in tutus.

One was a theater major at University of California Santa Barbara, the other at UCLA. But they didn’t actually meet until a casting call in 2012.

“She got the part, I didn’t,” Chase recalled.

“We’re not competitive,” Savannah added. “We’re just going to support each other.”

Since they started developing their Too Blondes act, they’ve won a Broadway World Award for Best Duo, were finalists in the Don’t Tell Mama’s Next Big Act competition and did an off-broadway show at election time called Red, Blonde and Blue.

Too Blondes regularly appear on the National Lampoon final edition radio hour as Tiffany and Ivanka Trump.

While these two 26-year-olds often have to supplement their incomes as caterers, babysitters, hosts and role-playing at birthday parties, they are living their dream.

“My timeframe was 25. Now I’m 26. I’m just trudging along,” Chase recalled.

“I think right now we’re in our twenties. We have nothing to lose and why not try,” Savannah told PIX11.

Chase and Savannah do a podcast on iTunes called “Behind Too Blondes” where they speak with millennials about pursuing their passions.

For upcoming gigs by Too Blondes, you can check them out on Instagram @TooBlondes.